I recently had the chance to sit down and be interviewed by a college student (who is pursuing a career in photography/journalism). She showed up with a hearty list of questions, her laptop ready to take notes, and a bright smile on her face. It was fun! Some of her questions have really had me reflecting since our visit, and for whatever reason, I feel compelled to sit down and jot down a few of my reflections since our conversation.

At one point she asked: “How has your artistry and business changed since you started?” 

For one, I can see it it. Take a look at these images below. The top image was taken three years ago when I was charging $40 for a newborn session. In those days (because I was just starting newborn photography and really had no idea what I was doing), I’d often spend up to 5 hours in a newborn session. The  money I made in a session went straight back into headbands, hats, and other props.

The bottom image was taken a month ago. Because I’ve been in business for 9 years, and have gotten better at my craft, I charge $100 for a newborn session. Now that I have improved my newborn techniques, I spend no more than 3 hours with a newborn and know every fine detail of the tiny human will be documented. The money I make now goes less into props and more into equipment and Veda’s college fund.:)

Can you see the difference?

Another question, “What do you enjoy photographing most?”

In two words: Senior girls. Sorry guys. But for real, I never get tired of the endless outfits, accessories, fun hair, high energy high school senior gals. They are the bomb! Senior boys, I’m glad to take pictures of you as well, and honestly love the simplicity you bring to a session with your four shirts and one pair of jeans. But, being the wanna be fashion photographer I am, I just have to love on the girls. Case and point, these five:

“Goals for the year?” Great question. Ultimately, to continue to push myself to better my craft. Each day, each session is a new opportunity to take my new ‘favorite photo.’ So I’m always shooting in the anticipation of capturing something great. Today I was inspired by a pair of shoes I found in Veda’s closet. Some dear friends of ours gave us these custom “blinged” shoes as a baby gift when Veda was born, and she’s just now grown into them. So it was into the closet I went searching for the perfect little outfit to compliment them. Truth: Veda does NOT like standing on boxes unless she has climbed on them herself, so this image was literally taken sandwiched between a huge pouty lip and a complete meltdown. And a miracle photo. If you look closely in her right eye, a slight bit of tears. Bad mom, but dang, LOVE that baby! So I guess my biggest goal: to keep pouring love into my family, and into the lives of the clients who I have the invitation to work with. Grateful for each and every inquiry!

Here ends the hodge podge post! Thanks for reading!

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