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A new life. A new chapter in yours!

Capture their spectacular entry into our world and all their tiny details. You’ll be intimately involved in a calming unforgettable experience of capturing your sleeping newborn. Just imagine: your baby, the best props, stunning imagery and a quiet, calm atmosphere.

I prefer to photograph newborns when they are about a week old, while they are still bendy and super sleepy. No more than 14 days old (unless a premie). It is best to book this session while you are still pregnant, preferably a few months in advance as I take a limited amount of newborn sessions each month. Though if you are reading this and your baby is already in your arms, check with me! I will do my best to get you in!

A newborn takes approximately 3 hours to photograph, sometimes less if the baby is a good sleeper, but often, it’s 3 hours or more. The sitting fee is $100, and is due the day of your session. A $300 pre-tax minimum order is required so that I may limit the amount of sessions to ensure the highest quality of product and service. Disc purchase count toward the minimum.

I provide (literally hundreds of) hats, flowers/headbands, blankets, and other accessories for newborns, and photograph using natural light to showcase skin tone and features in the most complimentary light. Babies are photographed naked for the whole shoot, so bringing outfits is not necessary. When you dress your newborn to come to my studio, please dress them lightly in a sleeper that buttons or zips up (verses an over the head sleeper), so that we don’t have to disturb them too much when taking them out of the car seat and outfit. When a baby is naked, obviously, they are likely to go to the bathroom. This happens every session, so please do not fret if a blanket gets wet or soiled. All my items are washable. We’ll wipe it up, and continue on.

Additional children/family photos: Please add $40 to include siblings in a newborn session, which includes pictures of them together and some individuals picture in one outfit. If you’d like to add a family photo (for groups smaller than 5) to your session, please add $60 to the newborn session.

Newborn Checklist:

  • Plenty of diapers and wipes
  • Extra blankets (baby will get wrapped in these naked, so please skip bringing any treasured heirlooms).
  • A pacifier/nuk (I prefer to use a sterilized nuk as opposed to soothing with a finger)
  • A bottle (or two) with breastmilk or formula (this saves a ton of time if we can just feed them the bottle instead of nursing).
  • A black long sleeve shirt for mom or dad.
  • Bring your patience and remain calm. Some babies take longer to relax and sleep deep, so we wait patiently for the sake of safe and comfortable posing. If you sense you are feeling anxious, feel free to take a walk, catch up on your Facebook newsfeed, or step into the other room to call a friend. I purposely schedule only one newborn session a day, so I’m never in a hurry.
  • Be sure to feed baby just before your arrival, and wipe their face of any milk or eye goop. Some babies sneak out of their carseat and are ready to go. We don’t want to risk waking them while cleaning milk mustaches.
  • If at all possible, please try and keep the baby awake for 2-3 hours prior to your arrival. I realize this may be tricky with a newborn, but it will only help ensure your baby is extra sleepy when you arrive.
  • A book or pillow if you want to use this time to relax or take a nap, be my guest!
  • Snacks. You may be here a few hours, so feel free to bring along something to munch on, and your favorite beverage. Of course, I have food here as well you are welcome to eat.
  • As a courtesy, please do not snap cell phone photos during the time of your session, or stand over my shoulder while I am working with your baby (you’ll be blocking the light if you are, and I’ll politely ask you to move out of the light).
  • If you plan to bring any props of your own, please send me a photo of them ahead of time so I can be sure to have matching blankets set up before you arrive. Items to avoid: tutu’s, scratchy blankets, or oversized hats which often upset and keep babies awake. All of my props are soft, baby friendly, and sized to perfection.
  • We all love pinterest! If you have certain photos you hope to recreate, again, I’ll need to see them ahead of time. Keep in mind, we are at the mercy of your newborn, and I move and reposition baby as his/her temperament allows. So if baby has been proving to be very sensitive to adjust, we may have to skip the pinterest shots and get what we can. Thank you in advance for trusting my artistic judgement and experience so we can create our own unique shots.
  • Due to the size of my shooting space, please keep the number of adults to two or less. The only time I ask for help is if we have a massive blowout (which happens on occasion), or when the baby needs to be fed. Extra helpers are not necessary.

Please book your session in advance. You can book a newborn session at any point in your pregnancy, I have many moms that book as soon as they find out they are pregnant. It’s never too early!


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