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Their expressions, energy, smiles, laughter, and poses are priceless. Yup, I’m talking about children! Of all my subjects, kids are by far my favorite It only takes a few minutes for kids to warm up to the camera and create adorable shots that you’ll treasure for years to come! Pick your favorite location and make your session as unique as you’d like! Sessions start at just $60 and include as many outfits, props, and locations as time allows.

I don’t believe you can capture the true joy of children by confining them to an unfamiliar dark studio space. You bring out the best in kids when you allow them room to explore, roam and move by photographing them in natural light indoors and out. We can shoot in your front yard, by your barns, downtown, at a park, or at my house. Get creative and we’ll use environments that you already know bring out their best smiles and we’ll capture their energy in wonderful photos.

For information about YOUR kind of session, see below:


The best age to photograph babies is 6-8 months old. This is the age where they are sitting on their own but not yet crawling and able to get away from me. Babies this age are very happy and content and are usually still sporting a cute little gummer smile. The next age that is very popular is one year olds. They are much more challenging to photograph, but I get the best personality shots from this age. It’s great if you can bring a birthday cake for them to dig into at the end when their attention span has left the building. I try to schedule these sessions after naptime. Please don’t bring a hungry, sick or tired baby, it’s almost impossible to get any shots out of grumpy babies. I don’t mind rescheduling last minute if you baby is having a bad day. To add siblings to this shoot it is $25 extra per child.

Baby Checklist

  • a couple of cute outfits
  • cupcakes or a birthday cake for one year olds
  • any cute hats or accessories you have
  • for boys bring a few pairs of pants/shorts (jeans, casual khakis, etc)
  • a snack and a drink (sometimes they just need a little break to keep going)
  • a favorite toy/book/blanket/stuffed animal from home that makes them happy (sometimes they need something familiar to smile at)


ASP is known for our high energy, super interactive, play-date sessions. You WILL NOT find me waving my arm from behind a tripod while yelling, “Smile, over here!” I tickle your kids, run with them, jump around and am occasionally known to act like a monkey for the sake of genuine smiles.

In your hour-long session, we’ll have time to change outfits once. Bring your child dressed in one, and we’ll take a break halfway through to give you a different look. Props, hats, and accessories are often a cute addition. Contact me if you need some ideas and we can work together to make your session absolutely perfect.

We can photograph in your backyard, downtown, in a park, out by an old barn, or anywhere else you dream up! I am happy to suggest and locate property to get the exact look you want.

How to get your children in tip-top photo shape:
1. Remove any temporary tattoos
2. Remove any chipped nail polish on fingers and toes, and freshly paint!
3. Brush teeth, hair, and clean even the smallest details!
4. Avoid telling them to say “Cheese!” or practicing with them in the car. We promise, they’ll smile naturally!

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